Vintage like new, or better. New like no others.

Chip Probing
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Loch eite main board

We offer an upgrade & modernisation service for vintage and new audio components.

Vintage components greatly benefit from our service:

Recapping. Capacitors, especially electrolytic and high-voltage, have a limited lifespan, even if still working the original parameters are often compromised. New, state-of-the-art capacitors bring an audible improvement to any vintage system.

Cleaning. With time many components get dirty or compromised by age, mainly potentiometers that start to face, crackling and God know what other nasty noise. A cleaning often cures the problem; otherwise, we can change them with new high-end components.

I/O upgrade. In vintage components the in/out connectors are of a much lower standard than today's electronics. Most of the time the connectors can be upgraded to new, gold or silver plated, high-quality plugs.

Modern audio can be substantially improved with our upgrades.

Well, the industry likes to cut corners, even 'high-end' audio components producers too often save money there where they shouldn't.

Isn't too rare to see new, sometimes expensive components, employ cheapo caps in the audio path, or rebranded Chinese tubes. As far as the lab test can show good figures it's all ok, but the sound isn't just there, with a modest investment, the system can sound far better.


We provide a free assessment service for your components, all that you pay is the transport cost to and from us, we prepare a list of possible improvement with the cost, then it's up to you decide.

And all at reasonable prices and fast turnover.

If you want to know more about this and other services, please fill the form 'Get a Quote​' and be more specific is possible.