When we where at school we were taught that the shortest way to connect 2 points is a straight line.  In our opinion, this is very much true in Hi-Fi and audio at large.

Great sounding electronic devices are simple and must be simple, fewer components fewer distortions, fewer problems. It's true that sometimes less is more, more sound and more enjoyment.

Here at The Vinyl Source we firmly believe that this philosophy pays a lot of dividends. That's why we advocate using fewer components but of the highest quality.

Our Project

A complete line of pre-amps, from MC to line pre-amplifier, with only 2 triodes

Follow us on this journey; the entirely passive MC transformer is already here, next step: a Reference Tube MM amplifier is already on the drawing board, and the prototypes will be ready soon, two triodes and the best components for a no-compromise sound. Due for sale on September 2018

The last (for now) stop an entirely passive line pre-amplifier with 0, 6 and 12 dB gain powered by full OCC great British transformers and controlled by a microprocessor for even more enjoyments, due for sale on December 2018. Subscribe our newsletter and be up-to-date.


K.I.S.S.es to everyone.



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We are a British Company with registered office in London, while the manufacturing unit is near Glasgow. We are exclusively b2c; this means that our products are available only from us, no mid men, we design, produce and sell directly to the end-user.


The 'Loch Eite' is here. A smashing product, also available as an Open Source project!

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