LDR Optocoupler Hi-Fi Console - Genesis

This are the early articles about the LightStream

These early articles show the path we went throw during the LigtStream development. Follow the next links for know more about the project.

What's an LDR optocoupler, applications and problems

Follow this link if you want to know more about the qualities, potentialities and the problems of LDR optocouplers. - Published on September the 2dn 2018  (LDR OPTOCOUPLERS - Pro and Cons)

The LightStream prototypes are ready

We finally have the prototypes up and running, more than prototypes these 99% pre-production units. Please read more about here.

Published on October the 2nd 2018 (The LIGHTSTREAM prototype is ready.)

The LightStream pre-productions are ready

Finally, the prototypes are properly dressed up. Have a sneak preview of the pre-production version of the LightStream. Please read more about here .

Published on October the 10th 2018 (The LIGHTSTREAM pre-production is here.)

Trailers & Videos

Check out how the 'LightStream' looks in motion, trailers and explainers here .

Published on October the 16th 2018 (The LIGHTSTREAM Trailers & Videos.)