LDR Hi-Fi Attenuator - Kit version

The LightStream MkII is ready

Moreover, it comes with an impressive load of features. At the moment the LightStream is available in a kit, three different versions, and a 'ready-to-use' luxury version planned for late spring.

Impressive Features

The LightStream Mk II is, probably, the most advanced LDR based volume attenuator available on the market.

Here is a list of features that makes the LightStream so unique:


Unique UI

  • 2.8” TFT 24bits graphics colour display with touchscreen Ir remote

  • Real motor-assisted potentiometer for volume control Intuitive operation


Unique Ir remote capabilities

  • Input selection

  • Volume

  • On/Off

  • Mute on/off

  • Pairing and unpairing



Unique LDR management

  • 16 bits PWM drivers (65536 steps of resolution) Load settings from 5 KΩ to 60 KΩ with steps of 5KΩ Full calibration of all 4 LDRs individually

  • 101 steps volume settings.

  • Attenuation from -70 dB to -0.1 dB (approximate)



Unique comfort features

  • Soft start/stop volume

  • Channel balance fine-tuning Upgradable firmware

  • Log volume

  • Analogue clock

  • Personalisation of icons an graphics




  • 4 stereo channels relay operated

  • 1 stereo output

  • 2 digital output for control external devices




  • Audio ground lift

  • Power supply 5v via external regulator or 7-18V via internal regulator

  • Configurable ad a stand-alone attenuator or to be integrated into an active amplifier project Kit available in 3 different configurations

Documentation Available On-line

All the documentation, assembly instruction, schematics and user manual are available in our Support Page