LDR Optocoupler Hi-Fi Console

The Vinyl Source LDR pramp main board

The main board. On the right, we see 3 of the 4 LDRs, this board connects the RT clock and the LCD touchscreen on one side and the microcontroller on the opposite side.


Yes, we met our targets, and we are a step away to show the fully finished product.

The features we packed into out 'LightStream' are impressive:


  • Self-calibrating LDRs either for volume balance and load

  • User upgradable firmware

  • Computer controlled 100 step volume

  • Real volume control, not via encoder like some competition

  • Up to +- 3 dB selectable balance between channels

  • Four relays driven stereo inputs

  • 2.8" touchscreen

  • Real-time clock

  • Remote control for on/off, input selection and volume control (motorised)

  • Compact in size

A sneak preview of the prototype with the welcome screen on, the motorised volume knob is on the right. Next, to the screen we see the window of the remote's IR receiver.

The Vinyl Source LightStream LDR preamplifier prototype

One of the main targets we wanted to reach was to make this project affordable to a different type of clients.

The LightStream will be offered as a product ready to use, available in different finish and as an array of kits to suit the pockets and need of a different kind of DIY passionate.

Most of the components used to build the LightStream are readily available on the market (Amazon, eBay, online shops), so many parts can be outsourced by the DIYer that wishes to save some money.

The marketing will focus on these packages (from the cheapest to the most expensive)


  1. Assembled and tested main board + Arduino Mega Compatible controller with our software burnt into the controller + instructions

  2. Assembled and tested main board, Arduino Mega Compatible controller with our software burnt into the controller, all other boards (RT clock, LCD touchscreen, relays boards, motorised pot), cables, screws and mounting frames, power supply, instructions

  3. Like #2 but fully assembled and tested

  4. Ready to use Console with one of the standard finish (wood, black, white)

  5. Ready to use with Custom case.



The fully assembled unit just put into a case and connect the inputs and outputs, the external power supply jack and you are ready to go.


We address all different kind of users with this project:

  1. The Hi-Fi enthusiast that want the best possible sound for the money

  2. The DIYer that wants the same as #1 but wants to save and have something different

  3. The DIYer that wants to use our unit into a larger project where the 'LightStream' to take care of human interface, input and output and volume control.​​


Written on October the 2nd 2018 by Marco Mazzocchi - Chief Engineer