THE 'LOCH EITE' Heritage


The 'Heritage' version is aimed at those that are looking for the best inside-out. The 'Heritage' looks great and sounds great; your hi-fi is part of your home and must look good. Inside you'll find the same 'Skeleton' version of the 'Loch Eite' dressed with a 20mm thick veneered case. We have the available standard veneering (Ebony, Walnut Blur, Smoked Red Gum and others, please refer to the shop for availability), the front panel Black or Ivory, or we can make a particular case to perfectly match your home. Your wife won't complain about your new purchase; it just looks great in the lounge!

Hand Made

There are very few parts we buy ready, namely the MCU (the brain of the computer), the Touchscreen and the internal clock, and all the rest is made here in the UK, in Scotland more precisely. In the 'Loch Eite', all is British, the idea, the project, the manufacturing.

Carpenter Leaning on Piece of Wood
Soldering circuit board

The feeling of the 'Loch Eite' is unique, in a mass-made, industrial product something is missing, they are all the same, made by a perfect soulless machine. When you look at the 'Loch Eite' you know that is unique, maybe the little imperfections, perhaps the flame of the veneer, who knows... Perhaps the soul.

High Tech Inside

Inside the 'Heritage' you'll find the excellent build quality of the 'Skeleton'. The design is compact, and the digital and the audio sections are kept separated for better noise and hum insulation. The audio section is enclosed in a copper shielded box. You can read more about how the 'Skeleton' is built Here 


Honestly, we have enough of the flashy, tawdry boxes that just too often enter our homes. You come in a lovely arranged room, and you get hit by an eyesore of a box that nothing has to do with the surroundings. That box might even sound good, but the sideway look from your wife nodding at that box spoils the pleasure.

Jokes apart, the 'Loch Eite' comes in an array of different classy versions, with options for two different front colours and several veneers. You can't find the one that fits your lounge perfectly? No problem, our bespoke service can build the one perfect for you.