~ Highlights ~
Unique UI 

  • 2.8” TFT 24bits graphics colour display with touchscreen

  • Ir remote

  • Real motor-assisted potentiometer for volume control 

  • Intuitive operation

Unique Ir remote capabilities

  • Input selection

  • Volume

  • On/Off

  • Mute on/off

  • Pairing and unpairing 

Unique LDR management

  • 16 bits PWM drivers (65536 steps of resolution)

  • Full calibration of all 4 LDRs individually

  • 101 steps volume settings.

  • Attenuation from -50 dB to -0.1 dB (approximate) 

  • Additional attenuation of -6 or -9 dB for each channel

Unique comfort features

  • Soft start/stop volume 

  • Channel balance fine-tuning

  • Upgradable firmware

  • Log volume 

  • Analogue clock

  • Personalisation of icons an graphics 


  • 4 stereo channels relay operated

  • 1 stereo output

  • 2 digital output for control external devices

  • Start delay selectable for each channel


  • Designed and made in Scotland

  • Available as Open Source 

  • Hand made

The 'Loch Eite' is the most advanced LDR attenuator available today on the market


The 'Heritage'

The 'Heritage' version is aimed at those that are looking for the best inside-out. The 'Heritage' looks great and sounds great; your hi-fi is part of your home and must look good. Inside you'll find the same 'Skeleton' version of the 'Loch Eite' dressed with a 20mm thick veneered case. We have the available standard veneering (Ebony, Walnut Blur, Smoked Red Gum and others, please refer to the shop for availability), the front panel Black or Ivory, or we can make a particular case to perfectly match your home. Your wife won't complain about your new purchase; it just looks great in the lounge! Click here for More.

The 'Skeleton'

With the 'Skeleton' we want to appease to a public that wishes to personalise the 'Loch Eite' without the cost of our professional shop. The 'Skeleton' is a fully assembled and tested 'Loch Eite, add a case and front panel of your own design, and you are ready to go. Free your creativity with the 'Skeleton'. Click here for More.

The 'Naked'

For the DIYer that doesn't want the hassle to assemble and test the boards, we have the 'Naked'. A set of thoroughly tested boards, add the MCU, screen, clock and connectors (all readily available on the market) and you are ready to go. You can deploy the 'Loch Eite' ad a stand-alone attenuator of integrated within your very own project. The 'Loch Eite' is an Open Source project; all the documentation and the software is available HERE. If you want to discover more about this offer, click here.

The 'Geeky' & 'Geeky+'

Geeky yes, but in a good way. For the DIYers that aren't afraid of soldering and testing, we have a smashing offer. The PCBs necessary to build the 'Loch Eite' are available at a very reasonable price, all the documentation about how to build the 'Loch Eite' and the firmware is available free of charge. Have fun building and, eventually, personalise the 'Loch Eite'! If you find tiresome to source the components we have available the 'Geeky+' the same boards plus all the components. The 'Loch Eite' is an Open Source project; all the documentation and the software is available HERE. If you want to discover more about this offer, click here

The 'Loch Eite' is a technological product entirely developed by 'The Vinyl Source Ltd'. We decided to make available the fruit of our work to all the enthusiasts that wish to build, integrate, modify our project for personal use. All the available documentation, with the source code of the firmware, is available HERE. The project is free for personal use only, if you intend to use the project, in whole or in part, for commercial purposes, please contact us. (If you are going to make money on our work we think it's fair that we'll have a small share in it).