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Made in Britain with British components

Hand Made in Britain

Yes, handmade in Britain and precisely near Glasgow using top quality components.

We design our products, and then we put them into production, we manufacture the outer shell in hardwood, the panels and some small elements, we assemble the components, all the wirings and test the finished products one by one.

Solid Hardwood Case
(and the Wife factor)

Look great and sound even better (maybe the two factors are correlated), nevertheless your hi-fi is part of your home and must look good.

Our cases are made in solid, 20mm thick, hardwood (Oak, Sapele, Teak, Mahogany etc.) and then finished with tung oil (sometimes wax), never painted. Your wife won't complain about your new purchase; it just looks great in the lounge!

Only British Transformers

We use ONLY British made transformers, new or vintage, and not only because we want to say that our is a British product!

Britain produces (and produced) the finest transformers, and we install only handmade units from a world-famous English producer! 

All the new units are available in a 1:10 or 1:20 ratio, sometimes we find vintage Partridge transformers with a 1:25 ratio. 

Brand New And Vintage

Why those vintage microphonic transformers sound so sweet? We don't know but when we are lucky enough to find some fine specimen on the used market we buy and then we test and mount in our enclosures.

Prices for excellent vintage British transformers (Sowter and Partridge) are soaring, maybe because they sound so well.

OCC Wiring And Windings

If you are new to OCC, please read This Article

OCC is a little step forward from OFC (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oxygen-free_copper) and represents state of the art for high-end wiring. All the brand new transformers we use are full OCC, wiring and windings (vintage transformers don't because this technology is quite recent). All the solder point are made using lead-free solder with a 4% of silver (the maximum allowed by the soldering technique).

At The Vinyl Source, we deliver only top quality products.

Neutrik™ & Hammond™

When you are dealing with MC cartridges every detail matters. A sure electrical connection and shielding are a must to reduce the risk of interferences at a minimum.

Neutrik RCA connectors are, probably, the best choice when it comes to RCA chink connectors and the most expensive sunken model we use in our product ensure additional shielding from the outside. From the inside, a Hammond diecast aluminium shell makes this transformer impenetrable of interferences. 

XLR balanced option

As an option, we offer fully balanced XLR connection. 


All off-premises purchases give you the right to return the products within 14 days, that's the Law. We grant a full refund (merchandise plus delivery costs) if you don't like our product return it.

A great way to test if our transformers sound good like we say.

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