Loch Eite LDR Hi-Fi Attenuator

LDR Optocoupler Hi-Fi Attenuator - Technical Data & Laboratory Tests

THD & Noise @ 1 kHz

This is the noise floor and THD pattern of the signal generator and AD converter WITHOUT the device attached. We will confront the results from the 'Loch Eite Mk I' taking this into consideration. The 1 kHz peak is the generator signal. The noise floor is around 100-150 dB of SN/noise and the THD 0.0044%

Screenshot 2019-06-15 at 10.13.32 am.png

THD & noise at maximum volume for 1 kHz input, bear in mind that LDRs cannot achieve a full 0 dB attenuation (lossless) because the LDR possess a minimal resistance even when fully lit, in this case, the maximum volume is of -1.9 dB. The noise is below the 100-105 dB of the testing device, while the effective THD is below 0.02 %