This cable is designed explicitly as analogue audio hi-end interconnect.

A lot of interconnect producers just stick a couple of fancy RCA plugs to a generic coaxial cable with a fancy name printed on it, not here at The Vinyl Source.

This cable is designed and handmade with the analogue audio in mind and is NOT suitable for digital audio interconnection.


The components used to manufacture this cable are all first quality and built with care.

  • RCA connectors: forget of fancy RCA connectors with debatable magic features, these are professional grade connectors you can find in many hi-end professional interconnect, made of solid copper, connector and body, gold plated, and with cord strain relief, the strict tolerance assures the perfect connection with your devices.
  • Shielding: Thickly braided tinned copper (see picture 6) made with Mil specifications assure RF interference free.
  • Wiring: British made 80 strands OFC Litz wires with pure silk insulation for strength, flexibility and perfect conductivity. Litz wires of this class guarantee that the "skin effect" won't affect you.
  • Pseudo-differential wiring: Ensure the best ground return with maximisation of RF shielding, the wires that connect the hot (+) and cold (-) poles are the same for perfect symmetry. 
  • Hot and Cold wires are installed with strands twisting in the opposite direction to each other for minimising the cable inductance.
  • Mid capacitance configuration, around 55 pF for all the cable WITH the connectors (many producers will give you the value ONLY for the cable)
  • Cable length: 0.5mt, a 1 mt version is available in the shop.

You can see from the pictures that his cable has a "Source" and "Destination" side, that's not because the cable is directional (beware of those that will tell you that them cable is somehow "oriented" via some magic process), but because the shielding is connected to the Cold pole (-) only on one side of the cable, that side must be connected to the destination device for better grounding.


These cables are hand made in the UK.

We assure that this is a significant upgrade for any hi-fi audio, and at a reasonable price, if you are not satisfied by the performance of this interconnect, you can return it within 30 days and have a full refund, no question asked.


Have you got questions? We are glad to answer.



Analog mid capacitance Interconnect cables – 0.5m length

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    The 'Loch Eite' is here. A smashing product, also available as an Open Source project!

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