This is one of the universal cartridge protractors made in the UK by "The Vinyl Source", at the moment there are two universal models, the "Baerwald", shown here and the "Loefgren" shown in another listing.

The "Baerwald" allow setting null point @ 66 and 120.89mm from the centre of the platter's spindle; this is ideal for those that prefer a better tracking in the more external sections of the record.

The protractor is made of 3mm thick, high-quality perspex, high-precision laser cut and engraved; the thickness is the same as a 180-gram vinyl record. The highly polished surface helps to align the cartridge correctly.

Supplied with exhaustive instruction.

If you have a Rega, Linn or SME tonearm we have tonearm specific arc protractors that allow aligning those tonearms with perfection, browse our store.



Cartridge Alignment Protractor- Baerwald