This file contains:

File: "Loch Eite" - contains all the files to be copied into your SD card, unzip it into your card

File: "" - contains the firmware, compatible with Arduino

File "Loch eite main board.pdf" - Main board and smoothing board schematics

File "Loch eite io board.pdf" - I/O board schematics

File "Loch Eite mk i - operating instructions rev. 1.0.pdf" - The operating manual

File "loch eite mk i assembly - rev 1.0.pdf" - How to assemble your 'Loch Eite" with BOM

File "Loch Eite, Hi-Fi LDR attenuator lab test.pdf" - Lab test on assembled "Loch Eite"




Loch Eite documentation & Firmware pack

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