The 'Naked' is aimed at all the DIYers and developers that wish to use the 'Loch Eite' for own projects, but don't want the hassle to solder the components and test the boards. 

The Fantastic 3

The mainboard is designed in such a way to allow, after proper modifications of the firmware, to connect more digital and analogic I/Os to the board. This design allows the developer to expand or modify the way the 'Loch Eite' function. Full documentation, together with the electrics schematics and the source of the firmware, is available on our website.

Open Source means freedom

The entire project is Open Source; the developer is free to modify the firmware and adapt the boards to his needs, the published documentation will drive the expert developer to fully understand how the 'Loch Eite' works. However, the project is free for personal use only, commercial and industrial applications are forbidden without the written consent from The Vinyl Source ltd.

Screenshot 2019-01-05 at 3.35.25 pm.png

The 'Loch Eite Naked' needs just a few additional components to work, just add an MCU (Arduino Mega2560 or compatible), a 2.8" touchscreen, an RT clock, a pot and few other components readily available on the market. However, you can modify the firmware to make it works with different screens or with additional external components. In the image below, you can see a prototype of tube preamplifier that deploys the "Loch Eite' for input and volume control.