'Uisge' is the Scottish Gaelic word for 'Water'. Scotland is a country of sheer beauty, and the waterlines play a great part in it. Apart from that. water in Scotland is pure and, in our opinion, is a symbol of the care of this country and these people take in safeguard of the environment.

The Philosophy 

The 'Uisge' line of preamplifiers and attenuators take inspiration from Scotland and Scottish waterlines to build a truly Scottish product. The base pillars of the 'Uisge' philosophy are:

  • Sustainability - Maximise the number of materials that are recycled and/or recyclable.

  • Availability - The projects are Open Source, you can enjoy the 'Uisge Project' for free.

  • Durability - Build quality and materials that ensure the most extended service.

  • No nonsense - Concentrate on what really matters, no hype, no snake oil.

  • Innovation preserving heritage - Innovative technologies applied to well-established audio technologies.

  • Beauty & pride - Products that stand above the crowd for materials and craftsmanship.‚Äč

Sustainability & Durability

Recycled or recyclable materials are not everything. Buy a product that last, pride and joy to own and use, say NO to consumerism. 'Uisge' is for the discerning connoisseur that value quality over quantity.  


Are you a keen DIYer? You can enjoy the 'Uisge Project' for free or with a little investment, all documentation, software, schematics are free to use for personal use, you can build your own boards of buy ready from us, you want a ready and tested product? We have solutions for all needs and all budgets.

No Nonsense

Very British, very much Scottish. No nonsense, no hype, no snake oil, no fantastic promises. We offer a 'sound' product that performs greatly and we prove it! All models come with comprehensive lab tests, but you don't need to take our word for it, you can try them at home for 30 days, if we don't meet your expectations you get a full refund, no questions asked.

Heritage & Innovation

Rock solid, well-proven sound technologies meet 21st-century comfort. The sound that pleased and amazed for decades, updated with the most up-to-date materials, is combined with cutting edge computer technologies for a product that is timeless and modern at the same time.

Beauty & Pride

The pride to own a British hand-crafted hi-fi in a beautiful dress. A choice of cases in the precious veneer that perfectly matches your home and your style. You can't find the one for you? We can dress your 'Uisge' in a bespoke case only for you.

Stay tuned - 'Uisge' is coming soon
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We are a British Company with registered office in London, while the manufacturing unit is near Glasgow. We are exclusively b2c; this means that our products are available only from us, no mid men, we design, produce and sell directly to the end-user.


The 'Loch Eite' is here. A smashing product, also available as an Open Source project!

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