VTA spacers shims for Rega tonearms & universal ½" cartridge spacers


Any hi-fi specialist will tell how important is to have the correct VTA (Vertical Tracking Adjustment) on your tonearm.


Most tonearms can adjust the VTA within a range. However, Rega tonearms have not this possibility, hence the need to add spacers if the arm sits too low. We produce 3 ranges of spacers, one for the older tonearms with the simple captive nut mounting system (R200, RB250, RB300 and similar), and two for the new Rega tonearms with 3-point mounting system.


If your tonearm sits too high, even when at the minimum height, then you need spacers between the cartridge and the headshell. We produce a set of high-precision ½" spacers that fit the majority of headshells.

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