Make your investment in audio worth every penny.


This is what the audio industry doesn't want you to know​.

Your system can sound way better with few simple optimisations and a listening room more optimised within the limits of common sense.

Of course, the audio industry wants you to be unsatisfied, so you buy new, more expensive gear, in the quest of the audio Valhalla.

Do you want that your mid-range MM cartridge sounds like an MC costing five or ten times more? Sometimes is enough to tune your tonearm's cable to the right capacitance value with a 10p ceramic capacitor and the magic unfolds. Is your system in phase? Are the components properly matched? Did you ever test your vinyl gear with a professional test record?

We are not kidding you; an expert can fine-tune your system with a modest investment and save you thousands.

Another, even more important, aspect of your listening experience is the listening room.

I, personally, read with amusement posts on forums, so many heated discussion about frequency response and distortion of this against that piece of gear. Well, what about the frequency response and distortion of your room?

Believe or not, the element that has the significant effect on your listening experience is the room, audio aficionados spend fortunes in audio gear, fancy cables of dubious effect, 'magic' devices but almost no one cares about the listening room.

We can measure, and fine-tune, your system in your listening room. Frequency response, phase, clarity, distortion, decay, impulse response and more, can be measured and optimised to obtain the best sound possible, an investment worth more than thousands in esoteric audio gear.

We serve the Scottish central belt with no travel fees.

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