Bring your vintage SME 3009/3012 S1 or S2 to the 21st century

Vintage SME 3009 and 3012 are one of the best soundings tonearms, even on today's standards. One of the major drawbacks is the proprietary 4-pins connector that force to use the outdated SME cables from the '50s and '60s.

With our conversion, you can upgrade your tonearm to connect with RCA interconnects, allowing you to choose a wide range of modern, high-quality, cables.

Our conversion kits are of the highest quality:​

  • Professional, gold plated, full copper alloy RCA connectors

  • Specifically designed grommets mounting plates for short or long can tonearms.

  • Handmade in Scotland

  • Separate ground wire (supplied).

  • Solder directly to the existing harness.

All kits are supplied with detailed installation instructions; however, if you need help, we are at your service.​

All kits are also available already mounted and tested on your tonearm for a reasonable fee.​

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We are a British Company with registered office in London, while the manufacturing unit is near Glasgow. We are exclusively b2c; this means that our products are available only from us, no mid men, we design, produce and sell directly to the end-user.


The 'Loch Eite' is here. A smashing product, also available as an Open Source project!

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