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And Now For Something Completely Different... Well, Sort Of

The Roksan Nima is a "different" tonearm.

Unipivot, acryl and metal, strange wiring system... all make it stand apart from the crowd.

I recently got on my table a fine specimen of this well-regarded tonearm; the problem? The wires, of course.

The Nima with the original wires removed

Unlike the vast majority of tonearms, the Nima's wires are made from a flexible PCB. The choice is probably due to the need to have a predictable weight distribution of the wiring not to upset the delicate unipivot balance during the operation.

The existing harness was in bad shape, and no ground was on the arm tube.

A missing ground on the arm tube can bring noises, sometimes loud, when the arm is touched and occasional cracking noises due to accumulated statics.

The Litz wires
The Litz wires

In an unipivot configuration, the weight and placement of the wires are significant. Our Litz wires are ideal in all situations where low weight and high flexibility is mandatory.

Our wires are made with 10 strands of 0.04mm OFC copper wires and insulated with a thin layer of silk.

An additional fifth wire was added to ground the arm tube, and all five soldered to the existing 5-pins M-DIN connector.

A rubber grommet had to be designed, and 3-D printed to secure a good grounding for the arm tube and a tidy exit for the cartridge wires. The grommet was jacketed with copper foil on the inside, and the ground wire soldered to it.

The wires are provided inside the tonearm loosely not to create any tension inside the arm.

The final touch: four gold-plated cartridge tags with shrink tubes.

The final result. Another happy customer can enjoy a brilliant tonearm that received a new lease of life.

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