We offer high-end hand-made audio cables for the budget-conscious connoisseur.

Many of our direct competitors buy an average commercial cable with some fancy name printed on it and then solder a pair of fancy-looking RCA connectors, not at The Vinyl Source.

These cables are entirely hand-made in the UK with high-quality components:


  • Professional, no-nonsense RCA connectors made entirely of copper alloy and fully gold plated, with steel made strain relief.
  • The 'hot' wire (+) if made from 80 strands/0.04mm OFC Litz wire made in the UK
  • The 'cold' wire and shield made from braided tinned-copper MIL-spec RAY -101 shield.
  • Solder points are hand-made with high-silver solder.



The Litz wire guarantees the best connectivity with optimisation of the skin-effect.

Electrical specifications:


Length: 0.5m

Ultra-low capacitance : 30pF +- 10%

Inductance @ closed loop: <1.11µH

Inductance @ 20kΩ : <0.18µH

Inductance @ 40kΩ : <0.11µH


Inductance causes impedance to rise with frequency, resulting in attenuation of the very upper-frequency range and sometimes even peaking. 


We have available a 0.5m version, longer cables are available on order.

Audio Interconnect High-End Cable Rca- Rca 0.5m New - low capacitance UK made