High precision arc protractor for cartridge alignment.

This protractor is made of 3mm High Glossy Black Acrylic Perspex, high-precision laser cut and engraved.

The arc protractor is the most precise protractors for cartridge alignment, this one is designed for all 9" Linn tonearms (Akito, Akito MK II, Basik LVV, Basik LVX, Basik LVX Plus, Ekos, Ittok LVII)

The geometric features are compliant with Linn recommendation:

Pivot to spindle distance: 211mm

Effective Length: 229.13mm

Overhang: 18mm

Offset Angle: 24

Supplied with exhaustive instructions.

Cartridge Arc Alignment Protractor. For use with Linn Tonearms.



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    The 'Loch Eite' is here. A smashing product, also available as an Open Source project!

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