For fully enjoy the quality of your turntable-tonearm-cartridge combo you need to have it perfectly geometrically calibrated. On the market, there is such a big choice of new and vintage equipment, most are on factory specifications, but many are custom built. To make things worse, there are different opinions about the correct geometry to employ for a single tonearm. Pivot distance, Overhang, offset, Lofgran A, Lofgran B, Stevenson, null radius.... etc. etc.

Which protractor is good for you?

The "standard" protractors are any good? (they are good but not perfect)

Should you invest in one of those complex protractors that cost several hundred £? (sure, if you have money to burn)


We have an elegant and cost-effective solution for you. You can order from us a custom-made protractor, specially designed on the specification of YOUR tonearm and turntable. 

The protractor is made of high-quality black perspex, laser cut and engraved measure 188mm x 93mm and is thick 3mm, like a 180-gram vinyl record.

On the protractor, we engrave all the geometric parameters (see pictures).

We have a fast turnover, we need 2 working days to make the custom protractor, we ship the third day.

All that we need from you is:

If you want a protractor made on the standard geometry of your tonearm then we just need brand and model.

If you want a protractor made on the base geometry you must supply us the pivot to spindle distance and the overhang.

If you want a protractor made based on inner and outer groove radius you must supply us the pivot to spindle distance and the inner and outer groove radius

(of course, specify the above parameters on checkout)

If you are confused or have any question, write to us, we'll help you.

Returns are only accepted is the item is defective since everyone is a custom job no returns for any other reason.

Custom Made Cartridge Alignment Protractor