For sale, a set of VTA spacers shims for all tonearms.
The shims are made from High Impact Polystyrene and manufactured to ensure the highest precision.
The set is of 
2 x 1mm thick spacers
2 x 2mm thick spacers
The design is of closed holes, IMO it makes the installation of the shims easier, the holes accept screws M2.5 and M2 (the sizes you find in all headshells. The ample surface ensures proper contact between the cartridge, the shims and the headshell with no risk to see the cartridge lean forward or backwards.
The shims can be stacked one on another to reach 6mm.
Glad to answer any question

Phono Cartridge Spacer Shims VTA Kit for Turntable Thorens Rega Linn, UK made