This is a very special rewiring kit for Rega R200 tonearms. 


The cable is built with continuous Litz wires from the headshell till the RCA connectors, no joints in the middle, this assures the maximum quality with no losses of the delicate tiny signal.

The components used to manufacture this cable are all first quality:

  • RCA connectors: made of solid copper, connector and body, gold plated and with cord strain relief, the strict tolerance assure the perfect connection with your phono preamp.
  • Shielding: Thickly braided tinned copper made with Mil specifications assure RF interference-free.
  • Wiring: British made 12 strands OFC Litz wires with pure silk insulation for strength, flexibility and perfect conductivity.
  • Cable length: 1mt from the base of the tonearm to the RCA connectors, internal wiring 35 cm.

Components are not enough to achieve excellence:

  • Pseudo-differential wiring: Ensure the best ground return with maximisation of RF shielding, the cable can be easily modified into XLR connection.
  • Hot and Cold wires are installed with strands twisting in the opposite direction to each other for minimising the cable inductance (below the 50 pH, we cannot exactly measure it because of our testing pieces of equipment that are not sensitive enough)
  • Ultra-low capacitance configuration (around 65 pF for all the cable from the headshell to the connectors).

These cables are hand made in the UK and supplied with exhaustive installation instructions.

If you don't feel confident of making the rewiring yourself, then we have a rewiring service available for 35£, of course, you will have to send your tonearm to us.

This listing is for the kit only



REGA R200 REWIRE KIT extra low capacitance cable, full Litz wiring