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SME armboard for Systemdek IIX900 turntables


This board is made of high-quality perspex, laser cut and hand finished and is the perfect match between your Systemdek turntable and your SME tonearm, all SME tonearms will fit this board.


Why perspex?

On the market you’ll find different arm boards made from different materials, we choose perspex for various reasons:

1) Resonance, aluminium boards are very nice and sturdy but have a high resonance frequency, besides they tend to transmit high-frequency vibration to the arm, while MDF or wood damps too much with a loss in high frequencies definition and muddier bass tones. Perspex is still very rigid but damps unwanted vibrations maintaining sound definition.

2) Aesthetics, the high gloss finish will give your turntable an even more classy look.


The board is supplied with MDF spacers and a set of 4 self-tapping screws for your tonearm to fit your Systemdek perfectly, a simple instruction sheet is included with every board.


All our boards carry a two years warranty against any material of manufacture defect, of course, you can return you board within 30 days if you change your mind or you discover that the board does not fit your need or meet your expectations.


Systemdek IIX900 ARMBOARD for SME tonearms - The Vinyl Source