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This is a very special rewiring kit for all vintage tonearms.

It's suitable for all vintage tonearms that have the rotating pillar exposed, like in old Lenco and Thorens tonearms (see pictures), and there is no way to fix the cable to the tonearm with a dedicated grommet.

The thick part of the cable must be secured inside the plinth via the supplied double-sided tape or, if possible, with screws.

However, this is used with all model/brand of tonearms, the only limitation is the tonearm mounting hole that must have a diameter of at least 20mm.


The cable is built with continuous Litz wires from the headshell till the RCA connectors, no joints in the middle, this assures the maximum quality with no losses of the delicate tiny signal.

The components used to manufacture this cable are all first quality:

  • RCA connectors: Pro-quality Amphenol, the strict tolerance assure the perfect connection with your phono preamp.
  • Shielding: Thickly braided tinned copper (see picture 6) made with Mil specifications assure RF interference free.
  • Wiring: British made 10 strands OFC Litz wires with pure silk insulation for strength, flexibility and perfect conductivity.
  • Cable length: 1mt from the base of the tonearm to the RCA connectors, internal wiring 35 cm.

These cables are hand made in the UK and supplied with exhaustive installation instructions.


This listing is for the kit only, the tonearm is not included


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GENERIC REWIRE KIT low capacitance cable, for all vintage tonearms