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Ex-demo units can have a few aesthetical issues but are fully working and covered by our 2-years warranty.


This vinyl record cleaning kit is designed and made in the UK.
This kit is different from many other Chinese made. It allows us to use any ultrasonic cleaner as far as the minimum dimensions are within our specifications, the ultrasonic cleaner IS NOT INCLUDED.
Furthermore, the record holder is connected with the machine via a magnetic hub, you can load and unload your records, max 6, far from the device and, if you purchase our optional additional older (see other listings), you can dry the records on the holder while you are cleaning another batch, so you don't need to touch the records between the washing and drying.
The 'Vinyl Maid' once regulated on your ultrasonic cleaner, doesn't need to be regulated again, besides you can use your ultrasonic cleaner for other home or office tasks without the need to have it dedicated for record cleaning only.
2 years warranty directly from the manufacturer.
The kit requires to be assembled, the main pillar must be secured on the baseboard with 6 screws and nuts (supplied)
Supplied with exhaustive instructions.
Vinyl Records Cleaning kit for 1 to 6 records simultaneously
Motor: high torque 12V  motor with reductor, 0.6 RPM
Regulable height.
Power supply 100-240V 50/60 Hz, UK plug.
What is in the kit:
1 hardwood plywood base, 1 main pillar with motor unit, 1 record holder, 6 record reductions, 1 record support, 1 power supply, hardware for mount the pillar on the base, instruction manual.

The new batch has few aesthetic differences from that shown in the pictures, the wood base is painted pale blue, the magnetic holder can be pale blue or white.


Free UK delivery. Overseas customers are responsible for any duty that might be charged at customs.

Vinyl Record Cleaner LP Washer Cleaning Machine 6 Records Per Batch, UK made

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